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2006 Diving News Archive

Sussex Plain Diving Competition
Posted on 14 November 2006
Results are on the County Website
Results of County Championships Diving Competition
Posted on 21 July 2006
Worthing divers have once again dominated the County Championships.
Megan Warrington retained her Girls 1m title and finished 5th in the Ladies event. Polly
Simon finished 3rd in both the Girls and Ladies and Megan's sister, Phillippa finished
2nd in the ladies event with   Elizabeth Fairs finishing 4th. Charles Milner-Smith retained
both the Boys and Mens event.
The success continued in the 3m event with Polly Simon winning both the Girls and
Ladies, Megan was 2nd in the Girls and Elizabeth was 2nd in the Ladies. Charles once
again retained the Boys and Mens title.
The competitions were held at the Prince Regent  in Brighton, this is the last time that
they will be held there as the diving pool is being closed as a moveable bottom is being
installed which means that the pool will  not be deep enough to have diving boards.
This is a great shame as the facilities in Sussex are very poor already. The only other
pool to be able to host the event would be K2 at Crawley which is extremely
expensive to hire. Worthing's boards are not good enough to be able to host the
Results of Sussex 1M Diving Competition
Posted on 21 July 2006
Sussex 1m County Championships, Brighton 28th April
1st Megan Warrington, 3rd Polly Simon.
1st Charles Milner-Smith
2nd Phillippa Warrington, 3rd Polly Simon, 4th Elizabeth Fairs.
1st Charles Milner-Smith