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2009 News Archive

*** 2009 Championships Presentation & Disco ***

posted on 10 November 2009

Saturday 7 November 7.00pm. - Thomas Beecham Club

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*** 2009 Age Group Presentation & Barbecue ***

posted on 26 July 2009

Saturday 26th July 1.00pm. - Thomas Beecham Club

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*** 2009 Annual Sea Swim review & photo album ***

posted on 12 July 2009

Saturday 11th July 3.00pm. - Beach Office 2.30pm

This was a cold and wet day for the swimmers taking part.

Afterstanding around in the wind and rain, shiveringwaiting for the tide to turn, the swimmers eventually whipped off their clothes ready for a body shock as they entered the cold choppy sea.

All swimmers done very well.

Congratulations to the winners - Nathan Hart and Deborah Willett.

Nathan Hart, Ziggy Tate, Alastair Hardinge, Paul Philpott, John Coppin, Andrew Cawdery, John Matthews, Kwok Ho Wan.

Deborah Willett, Jade Tate, Elizabeth Fairs, Natalie Smith, Karen Wardley, Sarah Blacker.

At the end of the event, the Deputy Mayor, Councillor Ann Sayers presented the awards.

The supports attending finished up wetter than the swimmers in the end,at least the swimmershad dry clothes to put on after.

Can't wait for next year.

Special well done to John as this was his 42nd sea swim.

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Allan Tate

Note: Swimmers must be members of the Club and 14 years+ on the day of the swim. The ladies will swim a distance of 400 metres and the men will swim 800 metres.

*** Young Aquatic Organiser Award ***

posted on  14 April 2009


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In February 2009, Sarah Blacker, Dominic Cranford, Alexander Cranford, Natalie Smith, Rachel Piper, Kevin Chan, Matthew Laker and Robert Osborne signed up to participate in the Young Aquatic Organiser Award. This is a course for 14 18 year olds which introduces participants to the background of the asa and how swimming clubs are run, as well as how to run an aquatic event.  

On 14th March, the young aquatic organisers held their event at the Aquarena. Many thanks go to those who attended the event and a special mention to all helpers on the evening for the fun relays, land training and fun floats session.

In addition to the experience gained from organising the event, the 8 involved have also been volunteering with the club in the last few weeks, coaching and teaching either swimming or water polo or helping at Club Galas. Those involved will now be able to use this experience in the future within the Club, with some of them going on to take teaching and coaching aquatic qualifications.

Whatever age you are, if you would like to get involved with helping the Club with any aspect of activities, please speak to Chris Luesley or Dawn Osborne.

Well done to all of those involved in this course.

Chris Luesley, Course Organiser

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