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Press Releases

21/06/2014 “Worthing's junior swimmers compete at regional age groups”
21/06/2014 “Worthing swimmers junior swimmers compete against tough teams in trophy gala”
16/06/2014 “Worthing faced stiff competition in rother league round 2”
09/06/2014 “Worthing swimmers shows lots of determination at Sussex league round 2”
27/05/2014 “Worthing's junior get ready to compete at regional competition”
10/05/2014 “Worthing sucess at rother round 1”
04/05/2014 “Worthing's youth success at regional championships”
21/04/2014 “6 of Worthing's youth swimmers heading of to regional competition”  and Photo
21/04/2014 “Worthing swimmers last push for regional times”
31/03/2014 “Worthing's junior swimmers have county success”
16/03/2014 “Worthing's swimmers increase haul at Sussex Counties”
08/04/2014 “Worthing's Sussex league competition off to a tough start” and Photo
02/03/2014 “Worthing swimmers pull some amazing swims out of there hats”
23/02/2014 “18 of Worthing's finest are heading to the Sussex county championships 2014” and Photo
23/02/2014 “Worthing's long weekend at Crawley”
15/02/2014 “Last chance for worthing swimmers to gain a county times”
2/01/2014 “Worthing swimmers gain PB's and county times at open meets around Sussex”
05/01/2014 “Worthing splash into 2014 in style at littlehampton open meet”

1/12/2013 Worthing's swimmers compete at Christmas open meet
23/11/2013 Worthing's swimmers are successful in club's open championship
09/11/2013 “Worthing's faces high competition in arena league”
27/10/2013 “Worthing swimmers score more county time in development gala”
20/10/2013 “Worthing's juniors represent sussex at national competition” and Photo
12/10/2013 “Worthing's arena league campaign off to a rocky start”
05/10/2013 “Worthing's club championships go swimmingly well”
29/09/2013 “Worthing swimmer develop at Littlehampton open meet”
21/09/2013 “Worthing misses out on promotion”
14/09/2013 “Worthing swimmers try to gain County times from Ken Deeley open meet”
16/07/2013 “Worthing's divers show off there skills at county diving competiton”
13/07/2013 “Worthing wins promotion to divison 1 of sussex league at home gala”
06/07/2013 “Worthing sea swim pulled off without a hitch”
29/06/2013 “Worthing's on track for promotion”
15/06/2013 “Worthing swimmers get of swimmingly at Sussex league competition”
26/05/2013 “Worthing swimmers represented at regional age group competition” and Photo
18/05/2013 “Worthing’s clean sweep at rother league competition” and Photo
11/05/2013 “Worthing's Swimmers break records at club age groups”
05/05/2013 “Worthing's Swimmers compete in regional youth competition”
21/04/2013 “Worthing's Swimmers shine at recent open meets”
20/04/2013 “Worthing's Rother League campaign off with a Bang”
08/04/2013 “Worthing's Swimmers Trip to Butlins”
17/03/2013 “Wonderful weekend at the County Championships”
09/03/2013 “Worthing's busiest time of the year”
11/02/2013 “Worthing's eventful weekend”
16/01/2013 “Superstar Michelle has a stunning 2012” and Photo
12/01/2013 Worthing swimmers gain more or faster county time at brighton gala"
06/01/2013 Worthing Swimming Club starts 2013 off with a bang"

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